BAt The Medispa we proudly offer the transformative Mummy Makeover package, tailored specifically for new mums looking to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies! Our comprehensive makeover includes cutting-edge treatments to address common postpartum concerns.
    The Emerald Laser, a state-of-the-art fat loss technology, targets stubborn pockets of fat, helping new mums achieve a more sculpted silhouette without surgery. Combined with the Secret RF treatment, which utilizes advanced radiofrequency technology to tighten loose abdominal skin, we can restore firmness and smoothness to the stomach area, reducing the appearance of stretch marks and promoting collagen production for long-lasting results.
    To complete the package, our Secret Pro skin resurfacing treatment is precisely tailored to treat stretch marks, promoting skin regeneration and improving their texture. Experience the confidence-boosting Mummy Makeover and embrace your motherhood journey while feeling confident and empowered in your revitalized and radiant self.


    The Mummy Makeover package is tailor-made to suit your needs. Using state of the art technology we are able to tackle your body concerns post childbirth. Where exercise and a healthy diet may not have achieved your desired results, The Medispa can help restore your body. From tackling those stubborn fat pockets around the abdomen to focusing on tightening the loose skin that is left after weight loss.
    Following an in-depth face to face consultation with one of our highly trained doctors, the perfect plan can be devised for you to conquer your concerns. The Mummy Makeover packages are bespoke to you. We can focus on fat loss or skin tightening and lifting, or both depending on your needs.
    The tummy tightening package is a culmination of a 3-step process using some of the most technologically advanced medical systems. The first step in the process is the use of advanced ultrasound energy which acts on the deepest cellular levels of the skin. As the heat is penetrated deep within the skin, new collagen and elastin is formed. The contraction of these fibres at such a deep level results in the overall lifting of the sagging, loose skin.
    Through pregnancy and weight gain/loss the expansion and recoil of the abdomen causes damage to the skin, making it thinner and weaker. The superficial layers begin to have a crinkled/wrinkled appearance and texture. The next process in the mummy makeover package is the use of radio frequency-based treatments. The heat energy causes further stimulation of elastin and collagen, but this time at a superficial layer. This gives taut and firm skin as a result. The radio frequency protocol devised specifically for you can be adapted to also focus on erasing any stretch marks that have developed.
    Finally, the area can be smoothed out with the minimal use of specialised biodynamic fillers. The overall result is a lifted, tighter, firm and toned stomach.
    The Mummy Makeover is the ultimate treatment plan to regain your former body and self-confidence.



    The Medispa, Telford, Shropshire